Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Father's Day at the Hogle Zoo

We started a new tradition last year of going to the Hogle Zoo on Father's Day. We went again this year and Brock had a blast! We had fun looking at all the animals. Brad and Jana came with us and we met Emily's brother Dustin and his wife Ashley and daughter Kaylie there. We decided that Father's Day is the perfect day for some good family time!

We are having a baby!

We are going to be adding to our family! We found out in April that we are expecting our second child. We are really excited! Brock has said from day one that he wants a girl, he is going to be an awesome big brother! We went in for a 3-D ultrasound at about 11 wks and they gave us an 85% chance that it's a girl but we will know for sure soon. The due date is December 26, 2008. Christmas baby! We will definitely have our Christmas shopping done early this year!

New House!

We bought a new house in December 2007. We are still in Spanish Fork, just further west than before. We have a lot more space now and we don't know how we fit in our old house. It was sad to move because of all the work we did at the old place but we are really enjoying the new house. We have definitely made it our own and it feels like home now. We painted everything before we moved in and we are now in the process of doing landscaping! We are starting completely from scratch which is both good and bad. It is a big job but we are getting there slowly! We are loving our new neighborhood because we live by a lot of young families. Brock has lots of new friends! The neighbors on both sides have boys his age. The back of our house borders a walking path that goes down to the Spanish Fork river so we have really enjoyed that too.