Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!!

Brock the Rockstar Vampire and Sawyer the Pirate
They had lots of fun dressing up and getting candy! We went trick-or-treating on Friday at Ian's office and at the grandparents houses Saturday. The boys looked so cute in their costumes!
This is me doing my best Madonna impression! I love piecing everything together to make a fun costume. It's rare for us to dress up for Halloween so it was really fun!
Here is Ian as Bret Michaels, my Rock of Love! He wore this to work on Friday. He got lots of compliments on it. He made a great Bret!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Back to Preschool!

All ready for school. He is so handsome and looks so grown up!
In front of his preschool. He did so good and is looking forward to a fun year!

Brock started his 2nd and final year of preschool. He is going to the same school as last year and he is so excited about it! He loves his teachers. There are more kids in his class this year and according to him some cute girls :) I know everyone says this but I can't believe how quick my little man is growing up! I am so proud of him, he is such a great kid!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Fiesta Days 2010

We went to the car show at the city park. Brock and Sawyer loved the little Mater!
Carnival! Austin and Brock on the pirate ship!
Brock on the Indiana Jones ride. You have to go through an obstacle course and when you get to the top there is a slide to ride back down. Looked like a lot of work to me but he liked it!
Makenna, Sawyer, Brock & Austin riding the car. They were so cute!
Brock & Sawyer on the motorcycles. They loved the carnival! Sawyer is a little adrenaline junky! He loved all the rides and didn't want to get off. He had a huge grin on his face the entire time.
Emily & Sawyer watching the parade. Such a fun tradition!
Austin, Brock & Sawyer watching the parade and of course, waiting for candy!

I love celebrating Pioneer Day in Spanish Fork! I have memories of the celebrations when I was a kid and I love that I am making those memories with my own kids now. It is something I look forward to every year. We went to the rodeo too but I didn't get pictures of that. Brock was so excited to see the real cowboys and clowns. Sawyer had fun too, even though he spent most of the time out of his seat! It was great to have lots of family time. If only we could get summer to slow down...

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Summertime, and the livin' is easy!

Sawyer loves the water. He especially loves getting in and out, in and out!
Brock is my little fish! He is loving our weekly trips to the pool!
Action shot! He kept throwing his tube and then he would run and jump onto it!
He loves the slides too. Last year I couldn't get him to try it but now that he has he can't get enough! He is getting so brave.
Lazy river. Sawyer, Ian & Brock
Mom & Sawyer. It seems like he always wants to be moving but he still takes time out for hugs. He is such a lover!
Ian's flip off the diving board. The kids loved watching him! They were both cheering and clapping.

We have been going to the pool weekly for the past 5-6 weeks but I keep forgetting to take my camera! It's kind of a hard place to take pictures. This time Ian went with us so I decided I better take advantage and get some pics before summer is over! We have been having so much fun. We ♥ Summer!!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Father's Day at the Hogle Zoo!

We have an annual family tradition to go to the zoo on Father's Day. It is so great to spend the day with Dad! He works so hard for our family. It was a beautiful day and we had lots of fun!
Mom and Sawyer looking at some monkeys. We decided if Sawyer was an animal he would definitely be a monkey! He is such a little climber and he is mischievous but so cute!
Brock found a cool little crocodile.
Brock by the elephants, his favorite! Can you tell?
Dad and Sawyer with the giraffes.
The tigers were a highlight, they were being extra frisky this time!
It was so cute to watch them play in the water.
Pop and Gram with all of their grandkids. Makenna, Hayden, Brock, Sawyer, Kaylie, Natalie & Austin
We had lots of fun and saw a bunch of cute animals. (I had tons of cute pictures but decided I better narrow it down to just a few!) Sawyer was so worn out he zonked out before we even go to the car!

Me and the kids got Ian a punch pass to the golf course which he was pretty excited about. He deserves to spend some time relaxing with something he loves to do! Happy Father's Day to Ian, we love you so much and appreciate all that you do for our little family! Happy Father's Day to my Dad and Dad in-law too, we love you both lots!! I am so grateful for all of the men in my life that my boys have as an example.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Fun 'SUN'day!

This is how Brock & Sawyer spent most of the day on Sunday. It was such a nice HOT day we decided to go out and cool off with a fun new sprinkler! Every time Sawyer sees a ball he gets so excited so this was perfect for him. You can roll it around or just run around it. They loved it!
Action shot! Sawyer wasn't too sure about getting sprayed in the face at first but it only took a minute for him to decide it was pretty fun. Brock loved it! He was running and dancing around and he thought it was fun to pick up and roll the ball around.
We sure had a fun SUNday! We are looking forward to lots of swimming and playing in the water this summer!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Preschool Graduation

The Graduate. He is such a great kid and so smart! He has really loved his preschool.
Proud parents! I love watching Brock go through all the fun little milestones.
Grammy, Brock, Pop and Sawyer
Brock with his teachers. Mrs Hansen & Mrs Barney. They have been so great and he loves them! He will be going back to their preschool again next year.

Brock had his preschool "graduation" today! They had a program where they sang a couple songs and showed us some of the things they learned through the year. They also had a balloon for each of the kids with their name and what they want to be when they grow up written on it. We thought for sure Brock's would say he wants to be a cowboy but he said he wants to be a Dad when he grows up, awwww! After the program they took the balloons outside and let them go. It was so cute and Brock did a great job! Love you buddy!

Thursday, April 8, 2010


Sawyer was happy just to play with his bucket!
Brock was all business! He had so much fun looking for eggs in the play room.
He found lots of eggs! Some of them even had money inside.
Sawyer was getting in on the fun too! He loved breaking the eggs open to see what was inside. It was so cute to see him carrying around his bucket!
The Easter Bunny left a trail of yarn all over the house to lead us to the baskets! It started upstairs and we followed it all over. There were a few little prizes along the way.
Sawyer kept tangling himself up in the yarn. He didn't understand what was going on but he was loving it anyway!
The baskets were out in the trunk of Dad's car! Brock thought that was pretty funny! They got bubbles, pinwheels, some shorts and shirts, swimming suits and some color changing cars. I love making memories with my boys, so fun! Hope you all had a Happy Easter!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Happy 4th Birthday Brock!!!

We had a SpongeBob themed party. I made him the Krabby Patty cake!
He didn't waste any time tearing into the presents! He was loving every minute of it!
He got a Mack! I think he got everything he wanted and he was so excited about it all. It was so fun to watch! He got a bunch of new Cars, including a color change set, a golf club set, SpongeBob play doh, a Toy Story kite and frisbee, a Hamm from Toy Story, 2 sets of Toy Story Legos that he has been wanting since Christmas, some shirts and a bunch of money.
This is what the Lego sets look like put together. He has been playing with them all day! Legos were not this cool when I was a kid!

I can't believe Brock is already 4 years old! We had a little family party for him on his birthday, March 30th. He is such a great kid! He is so sweet and scary smart! We are so proud of him and even though it is sad that he is growing so fast, you can't help being excited for him! He told me the other day that even when he grows up and becomes a dad he will still give me hugs and kisses and he will come help me fix stuff! I love this kid so much!!! Happy Birthday Brocky!!

Impromptu Zoo Trip

Sawyer loved the zoo! He had a great time checking out the animals.
Elephants are Brock's favorite!!!
Sawyer by the "kitty kitty"
Dad, Sawyer, Brock & the leopard
Mom & Brock looking at the lemurs
Sawyer LOVED the monkeys! Fitting since he is a little monkey himself!
Brock and the "skunk monkeys"
All the boys
Look at the cute baby elephant. Awwwww!

Over the weekend we decided to go to an egg hunt in Salt Lake at This is the Place Heritage Park. It ended up being really crowded and not much fun so we ended up going to the Hogle Zoo instead! It is right across the street so it was an easy decision! It was a little chilly outside but still lots of fun! We usually go during the summer when it is super hot and the animals are being lazy so it was fun to see them in a different season.