Sunday, December 20, 2009

Sawyer's 1st Birthday!

Trying out one of his new presents, he loves bath time!
Sawyer & Papa Brad at Jumpin' Jacks
Sawyer & Mommy
Opening some presents, he was happy just carrying them around!
We had a family Christmas party on his birthday! (Check out the new boots Brock gave him, he wants Sawyer to be a cowboy like him!)
Cake time! He devoured the entire thing!
Presents! He had fun celebrating with everyone.

Sawyer turned 1 on December 19th. We are still trying to figure out where the year has gone! He has accomplished a lot in one year. He started walking a little more than a month ago and has been non-stop ever since! He is such a good natured little guy. He always has a smile for us and he is great at giving loves and slobbery kisses! He is very determined and always seems to figure out how to do what he wants. It's fun to see his personality develop. He is starting to say a few words (Dada, Mama, Dog, Kitty, Nana). He LOVES to eat! I swear most of the time he eats more than Brock! His other favorite thing to do is carry stuff around and hide it from us! We just love this little guy so much and look forward to what the next year brings.
Happy Birthday Soy Bean, we ♥ you!!!