Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Happy 4th Birthday Brock!!!

We had a SpongeBob themed party. I made him the Krabby Patty cake!
He didn't waste any time tearing into the presents! He was loving every minute of it!
He got a Mack! I think he got everything he wanted and he was so excited about it all. It was so fun to watch! He got a bunch of new Cars, including a color change set, a golf club set, SpongeBob play doh, a Toy Story kite and frisbee, a Hamm from Toy Story, 2 sets of Toy Story Legos that he has been wanting since Christmas, some shirts and a bunch of money.
This is what the Lego sets look like put together. He has been playing with them all day! Legos were not this cool when I was a kid!

I can't believe Brock is already 4 years old! We had a little family party for him on his birthday, March 30th. He is such a great kid! He is so sweet and scary smart! We are so proud of him and even though it is sad that he is growing so fast, you can't help being excited for him! He told me the other day that even when he grows up and becomes a dad he will still give me hugs and kisses and he will come help me fix stuff! I love this kid so much!!! Happy Birthday Brocky!!

Impromptu Zoo Trip

Sawyer loved the zoo! He had a great time checking out the animals.
Elephants are Brock's favorite!!!
Sawyer by the "kitty kitty"
Dad, Sawyer, Brock & the leopard
Mom & Brock looking at the lemurs
Sawyer LOVED the monkeys! Fitting since he is a little monkey himself!
Brock and the "skunk monkeys"
All the boys
Look at the cute baby elephant. Awwwww!

Over the weekend we decided to go to an egg hunt in Salt Lake at This is the Place Heritage Park. It ended up being really crowded and not much fun so we ended up going to the Hogle Zoo instead! It is right across the street so it was an easy decision! It was a little chilly outside but still lots of fun! We usually go during the summer when it is super hot and the animals are being lazy so it was fun to see them in a different season.

Friday, March 5, 2010


Brock, Tatum & Jackson with the fabulous Hudson Hornet
Doc was definitely the highlight for Brock!
Emily & Katie in Grease Lightning, the owner let us sit in it!
Now you can see why! He thought it was cool that we liked his car! I love Grease!
Brock & Mom with "Ramone" the Impala
Ian & Shane with General Lee
Sawyer Boy checking out the shiny cars!
Brock & "Luigi"
Brock & "Mater"
Jackson & Brock checking out the motorcycles

We had fun checking out all of the cool cars at Autorama at the South Towne expo center. Brock was so excited to see Doc from Cars! We had to find a car that looked like each of the other characters from the movie too, we did pretty good! I was excited about the Grease Lighting car because I love the movie! The owner saw us checking it out and let us sit in it, so cool!

Monday, March 1, 2010

St George Trip

The whole fam!
Ian climbing the red cliffs
All the machines lined up. We went with Brad & Jana and some great friends!
Brock playing in a little cave he found. He loved hiking and exploring!
Emily and Brock checking out some petroglyphs
Brock found lots of cool sand stone rocks
Sawyer LOVED being outside so much!

We went on a fun trip to St George over the weekend. On Friday we went to a place just outside of Mesquite called the Valley of Fire to go riding. It was great to be out in the sun! The kids loved being able to spend some time outside. On Saturday we went riding at Sand Hollow which is just north of St George. It rained about half of that day but we still had a great time. Playing out in the warm weather has given us Spring fever even more!