Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Father's Day at the Hogle Zoo!

We have an annual family tradition to go to the zoo on Father's Day. It is so great to spend the day with Dad! He works so hard for our family. It was a beautiful day and we had lots of fun!
Mom and Sawyer looking at some monkeys. We decided if Sawyer was an animal he would definitely be a monkey! He is such a little climber and he is mischievous but so cute!
Brock found a cool little crocodile.
Brock by the elephants, his favorite! Can you tell?
Dad and Sawyer with the giraffes.
The tigers were a highlight, they were being extra frisky this time!
It was so cute to watch them play in the water.
Pop and Gram with all of their grandkids. Makenna, Hayden, Brock, Sawyer, Kaylie, Natalie & Austin
We had lots of fun and saw a bunch of cute animals. (I had tons of cute pictures but decided I better narrow it down to just a few!) Sawyer was so worn out he zonked out before we even go to the car!

Me and the kids got Ian a punch pass to the golf course which he was pretty excited about. He deserves to spend some time relaxing with something he loves to do! Happy Father's Day to Ian, we love you so much and appreciate all that you do for our little family! Happy Father's Day to my Dad and Dad in-law too, we love you both lots!! I am so grateful for all of the men in my life that my boys have as an example.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Fun 'SUN'day!

This is how Brock & Sawyer spent most of the day on Sunday. It was such a nice HOT day we decided to go out and cool off with a fun new sprinkler! Every time Sawyer sees a ball he gets so excited so this was perfect for him. You can roll it around or just run around it. They loved it!
Action shot! Sawyer wasn't too sure about getting sprayed in the face at first but it only took a minute for him to decide it was pretty fun. Brock loved it! He was running and dancing around and he thought it was fun to pick up and roll the ball around.
We sure had a fun SUNday! We are looking forward to lots of swimming and playing in the water this summer!